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Single Woman’s Title = Miss
Married Woman’s Title = Mrs.
Unknown Woman’s Title = Ms.

Married Man’s Title = Mr.
Single Man’s Title = Mr.
Unknown Man’s Title = Mr.

Because a woman only has status if she is married

think about it.
add an apostrophe to Mrs = Mr’s.
think about it.

and then go throw up. 

Okay but Mrs is the abbreviation of “mistress”—the feminine of “mister” and originally applied to both married and unmarried women.

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how she do that
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this is a formal apology to jackie for writing every thought i have to her on skype

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do you ever think about joe strummer and get really sad because joe strummer


My anaconda don’t want none unless you got


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me at the gynecologist: is it poppin???? is it severe????

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